Saturday, June 18, 2011

Say Hello to the Divewise Divemasters for 2011

Conditions on the house reef have been perfect the last few days. The water is glistening and the visibility is great. So perfect conditions for our new divemaster Jenny who arrived last week. She has just completed her rescue course and started Divemaster yesterday.

She is living with Fran Pau and Steph and will be working hard for the next month. It's going to be a steep learning curve for her and a brilliant experience. She may also be learning how to use a dry suit so she can continue diving when she goes back to Scotland.

Mori is also going to be starting his Divemaster as soon as he has enough dives. As are Justyna and Lieven whenever they have some free time away for the Westin front desk!

Part of their training will be to help out with the Discover Scuba and Open Water Courses, and we have lots of them going on all the time to keep them occupied.

Speaking of DSD’s, Sarah and Jan enjoyed their DSD so much the other day they decided to squeeze in another dive to the world war 2 shipwreck in Valetta Harbour, the Maori before they flew home a couple of days later.

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