Friday, June 24, 2011

Night Dive with the Film Crew

It was man vs dog in the office this morning as Jack managed to stealthily nick Alan’s undersuit just as he was putting it on . . . Jack won initially but then Viv came along and got them back no problem! Progress is being made!
Tom and Derek are here doing some pleasure diving at the moment. They are living proof that underwater photographers do come to Malta. They love taking photos of wrecks and spent yesterday exploring the Um El Faroud. Sini is taking them on a tour of Anchor bay today so they should get some good shots of the cave and marine life there as well as the picturesque film set Popeye Village which is situated on the water edge.

The Film crew came for a night dive on the Maori on Wednesday. Because they are still filming world War Z on the road down to the Maori there are green screens, truck loads of equipment, dusty cars and loads of other props all over the place. Luckily they arranged for the film set security to look after the vans while we were all in the water.

The staff attached strobe lights to the back of their cylinders to make sure everyone stayed together. Mori and Phil completed their Night Speciality while Ken did his first ever night dive as part of his advanced course.

There was lots of life with, rays, cuttle fish and flying gurnards hanging out on the sand, shrimp peering out through portholes with their glowing pink eyes, sea hares moray eels and disputing octopus on the reef, also plenty of bizarre looking fish. Let’s hope the next night dive is just as good!

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