Friday, June 24, 2011

New addition to the Divemaster Crew

We have a new addition to our Divemaster crew for 2011. Marec is going to be running around like a mad man helping customers with their gear and instructors with logistics during the busy summer period. And there’s no rest for him under the water either as it will be his job as much as the Instructors’ to make everyone has a good and safe dive, which will mean keeping track of everyone’s air consumption helping people with equalisation problems and retrieving any equipment that might not have been attached properly. It’s a hard life, but he will get plenty of experience from it!

Simon Williams has returned for another week of diving to escape from the real world, bringing with him Marmite!

With us being so busy the last week I don’t think I’ve had introduced Phil to you all yet. Phil is a rescue diver and is going to be working here all summer. So if you are coming out soon this year then he will probably be one of the first people you meet as he spends a lot of time in the kit room getting peoples equipment and tidying up the centre. He also does some diving getting in with the instructors and seeing how courses and pleasure dives are run so that he will fly through his Divemaster course when he turns 18 next year.

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