Monday, June 6, 2011

The Divewise Dance

Congratulations to Ruichi who completed his Open water diver course with Pat yesterday!

He did so well all the staff did the Divewise dance with him . . .

There’s not only Ruichi who has been working hard Reinhold has just completed his Advanced course today, finishing off with his first Nitrox dive.

While all this has been going on Jack has reverted back to his Pikie ways . . . watch out shoes, socks and underpants!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share with you from day 2 of the Side Mount course because we had a slight technical problem with the camera!

However they got plenty of practice doing skills in the deep (unheated) pool which sickeningly is currently warmer than the sea, with Daryl’s computer reading 25deg! Toasty!

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