Saturday, June 18, 2011

ID My-Gear

Working in a busy dive centre I have come across a recurring problem . . . My gear always seems to go walkabout. Whether someone has mistaken it for their own and put it in their box, or it has ended up being hung up among the school equipment. Sometimes it even ends up in the store cupboard! Don’t get me wrong it always turns up again but the inconvenience of having to hunt around for it and borrow other equipment if the search takes a bit longer than expected can be a pain.

Some of you may have also had this problem when you’ve taken your gear abroad and someone’s been in a rush and has packed something of yours for their dive thinking it was theirs. This causes a problem for you when you come to do your dives for the day.

I have discovered a neat solution to this problem. It’s called ID My-Gear. I’d never seen it until I came to Divewise and I have to say it really solved the problem of my forth element top keep disappearing and it made it much faster for me to find when it was misplaced.

I may have gone a little over the top with the BCD though!

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