Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the Maltese Summer is Here as is a New Hotel!

Jacks been greased up. Viv’s covered him in serum to protect him from the pesky mosquitoes and sand flies that are starting to come out in force following the sand storm the other day that marked the start of the Maltese summer.These pictures were taken during the day would you believe. It went dark enough for the street lights to turn on!

The dive centre was dominated by Al Hewitts Kit yesterday as it was all hung out to dry ready for them heading home in the early hours of this morning, after a hearty meal at the Emperor of India of course!

Howard and Pau have been working on the basins and the canopy. This is probably the cleanest they will ever look!

We have a New Hotel for 2011 available to view on the Divewise Website. It is call the George Urban Boutique Hotel. If you fancy staying here we can usually organise slightly cheaper prices than those advertises on their website.

Click the link to see it in our list of hotels . . .

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