Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So you Have Some Spare Cash to Finally Get Some of Your Own Dive Gear, But What to Buy? . . .

So you’re an Open Water diver. You’ve done quite a few dives now and are thinking about purchasing some equipment. Problem is diving is and equipment intensive sport. And good equipment doesn’t always come cheap.

People who are relatively new to diving often ask what equipment is worth investing in initially as very few people can afford to buy all the equipment in one go. Each diver who own their own equipment will have different opinions on that to buy first but the general consensus is that a mask, a dive computer and an exposure suit are probably the most popular and sensible choices.

To enjoy your dives you want a mask, and an exposure suit that fit properly. Rentals cannot always guarantee a good fit. If you’ve ever had a leaky mask because there isn’t one that fits your particular face shape or you have to wear contacts while diving because you can’t rent a prescription mask that will correct your vision perfectly it can put a bit of a dampener on the experience.

Having a wet suit that is too loose means you end up getting cold quickly. Not so much of a problem when diving in the warm waters of Malta but if your home means colder waters you want a good fitting suit to keep you warm. At the other end of the scale having a wet suit that is so tight it involves you holding on to a pole while your buddy lifts you horizontal in the air in an attempt peel the suit from your legs is a hilarious experience but a rather sweaty unpleasant one to be doing every time you want to dive!

The dive computer is just as important if not more important. Yes you can plan your dives using the RDP, however many divers have an instructor or divemaster plan their dives for them and just stay at the same level as them. Divewise do recommend that divers hire a computer for every dive if they don’t have one of their own as it’s much safer for every diver to have their own computer that records their exact dive profile as we are aware that many divers do not sit there before a dive working out their maximum depths and times for that dive and then working out their required surface interval after their dive. Having a computer makes planning a dive and diving the plan easy and makes you a safer diver.So this makes buying a computer a sensible first choice.

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