Friday, May 13, 2011

The Instructor Examinations Begin . . .

Friday was the big day and it came around fast, ‘too fast’ Darrell and Sini would say!

Yesterday was the first day of the Instructor Exams. They spent the last two days of the Instructor Development Course cramming in as much in-water practice as they could, including the briefing’s that accompany the in water teaching.

Nev went with Darrell and Sini to the Victoria hotel in Sliema early Friday morning so they could sit through the introductory presentations by the examiners. Then they were back at the centre to do prepare their equipment for the Pool Exam. The afternoon meant theory exams and presentations.

Today they have gone to Sirenes for the Open Water Exam. I think Nev’s more nervous than them, he looked like he was having kittens this morning! Hopefully all will go smoothly, Good luck guys!

Mark completed his Navigation Speciality yesterday and successfully lead Pau and Darrell back to the exit point. He is now as good at navigating under the water as he is at navigation on the water.

Ed got into all sorts of trouble on Thursday’s dive. Unconscious on the surface . . . unconscious underwater . . . Luckily Les was there to rescue him on each occasion and is now a certified rescue diver!

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