Friday, May 27, 2011

Finish off your Open Water Course with a Speciality and Make yourself a More Competent Diver!

Congratulations to Giovanni who completed his open water course on Thursday!

A lot of people who finish their open water course out here often then head home to colder waters which means they don’t dive for a long time because the conditions are a bit less favourable. But you had so much fun on your Open Water course, why would you want to stop! The solution would be to learn about appropriate exposure protection and how to use it. Most people who learn to dive in Malta automatically learn to dive in a wet suit.

However there are a small few who have planned ahead and do their Open water dives in a dry suit which means they master their buoyancy skills in this suit which makes them much better divers to begin with as it is much easier for them to dive in a wet suit than to go from wet suit diving to a dry suit.

Also because they have done their Open water course in a dry suit they only need to do one more dive after to complete the dry suit speciality. So they get their Open water course and the speciality which means they can go and hire a dry suit back home and keep diving so they don’t lose all the muscle memory they have acquired during their open water course.

There’s not only the dry suit specialty that can be done this way. Lots of new divers comment that they struggle with their buoyancy as it is one of the more difficult skills to master. Doing the Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality combined with the Open water course will give you more time to focus on these skills and will improve your diving no end.

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