Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Four Wrecks in one Day – Think You Can Handle It?

Fancy a bit of a diving challenge on your next trip to Malta? Or maybe you only have one day free to go diving and want to see as much as you can of our underwater world before you leave because you don’t know when you’ll next have the opportunity to dive here?
Yesterday the boat went to 4 wrecks.
First was the Imperial Eagle. A ferry that carried 70 passengers and 10 cars between Marfa Harbour on Malta and Mgarr Harbour in Gozo in the 1960’s and 70’s. The statue of Christ is also located a short distance from the wreck. Next was the Charlotte Louise. A vessel belonging to Captain Morgan Cruises featured in a number of films, including the Count Of Montecristo. The cause of its sinking remains a mystery. It was found sunk in its moorings at the Strand, Sliema on 4th Nov 2007.

Followed by the x127. A water lighter sunk in WW2 when the submarine base it was moored at was bombed.

Finishing off with the Maori. Launched in 1937 the Maori assisted in defending Malta in the war and attacking Rommels supply lines. It is of Historical importance as the British committed every possible unit to hunt down the German Battleship, Bismarck in their determination to avenge the sinking of their battlecruiser, Hood. The Maori was the one who located the battleship and was involved in the pursuit and destruction of the ship in May 1941.
The Maori was later attacked by enemy German aircraft and sank at her moorings in the Malta Grand Harbor on 12 February 1942 with the loss of one of her crew.
See our website for more information on these wrecks:

We even managed to have all the divers back by 4pm! Many of the divers joined on two of the dives including Big Al’s group who did the Imperial Eagle and the X127. A number of divers did 3 of the dives. We have yet to welcome a group of diving enthusiasts who want to take on the challenge to do all 4 dives in one day. Think your up for it? Give us a ring, or an email and let us know!

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