Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Atristic Entertainment at Divewise

The bad weather is starting to calm down gradually so divers are off for an adventure on the Um El Faroud, while some lucky new divers are doing their Discover Scuba Diving experience up at Cirkkewwa to avoid the rough water on the house reef.

Liam, member of Viv’s family have been sharing his artistic talents with the Divewise Staff, much to Jacks humiliation!

Jacks spent the other day expressing how he feels about diving and smoking ….

He’s now lying in wait for some gullible person to open the cabinet so he can get at Alan’s boots!

Nev is back on his feet after a week of being very ill but he won’t be getting back in the water for a while so he’s probably going to think of something new to build to keep him occupied!

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