Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anyone Fancy a Rock Lifting Contest in the Confined Area?

Pau and Ed have a very important job to do today. No it’s not diving, or building. It’s much more important than that. Its rock lifting! They are clearing all the big boulders out of the confined area to make the bottom flatter and a bit deeper for the students as some parts of the pool are too shallow. They managed to move a grand total of 7 boulders yesterday. Let’s see if they can beat that record today.

Viv is taking a few days off because she’s not feeling too well. Although knowing Viv she’s probably still cleaning the house or something like that! She has kept Jack home with her so everyone’s shoes and socks are safe, for now . . .

A big welcome to Sascha arrived last night. He is originally from Austria but is now Swiss. He is going to be working at Divewise for the summer. His will mainly be helping out with Techwise, Divewises sister company however he is also a recreational dive Instructor so will also be doing some work with Divewise when we are really busy.

Giovanni from EC school did his first dive ever with us yesterday. He actually managed to hover in the confined area his buoyancy was that good! He enjoyed it that much that he is coming back straight after language school today to do his start his Open Water Course.

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