Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Annual Bar-BQ

Busy day for the boat today. The sea has calmed down over night making conditions prefect for lots of boat diving. Justyna, Lieven and Marco kicked off their day with an early morning dive on the beaufighter and said it would be a great dive to do in the morning before they go to work . . .

Nev returned to work the other day after being really ill the past week. He’s not allowed in the water for a while so he’s been wandering around like a lost sheep looking for something to build, his other passion in life!

Not to worry Nev Alan has the perfect job for you . . .

On the 23rd of Sept we are holding our annual Bar-BQ that you’re all invited to. I know, this sounds like ages off but believe me it comes around fast! Nev’s new building project is going to be the most important feature at the Bar-BQ, the BAR! We are going to have a non-diving fancy dress theme. So we need your help with ideas to make sure we pick a good one.

So drop us an email or contact us on facebook with your ideas!

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