Sunday, May 22, 2011

Diving on Gozo

The wind has been picking up and so this means rough water on the house reef . . .

Pau and Ed are concerned that all the rocks they’ve moved over the last few days will end up back in the confined!

The rough weather meant that yesterday our pleasure divers had to go to Gozo to dive the Inland Sea, Blue hole and Azure Window. What a shame for them!

The Inland Sea and tunnel was first. For those of you that haven’t done this dive it is certainly worth considering on your next visit. The 3m deep Inland sea isn’t so impressive but once you drop down at the entrance of the 80m tunnel that leads to the sea you can’t not be impressed. The tunnel is so big a double-decker bus could drive through it. The dramatically shaped walls of the tunnel harbour lobster and a variety of other marine invertebrates, though you need a torch to seek them out. There is some impressive changes in the light in the tunnel especially when the boats pass through the tunnel which make for some spectacular photographs.

The long walk to the Blue Hole for the second dive was challenging in the heavy gear but it the dive made it well worth the effort! There were plenty of fish, groupers, a really big nudibranch and Jimmy and Frederick even saw a Conger eel in the Coral Gardens!

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