Saturday, May 28, 2011

Navigate the Faroud? Challenge Accepted!

Ian completed his deep speciality yesterday managing to plan and lead a dive to the Faroud successfully. He’s a born instructor he was even helping everyone get out of the water. Well done Ian! The whole group were good on air and managed to get to see the bow of the wreck which is spectacular. Marco stood on the front of the bow looking into the blue then dived off the front appreciating the sheer size of the wreck. It really is breathtaking.

Its Sponge Bob day today! Steve is brining all his work colleagues to Divewise, some already divers and some complete beginners who will be having their first dive experience. Once everyone is qualified to 12m with the Discover Scuba Course they are heading off to the Maori to see their first ship wreck.

Hopefully we will have lots of photos of Nev’s briefing for the Discover Scuba Divers . . . the skys the limit for the list of bad jokes he’s probably rehearsed!

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