Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots of Diving = Lots of Food + Lots of Sleep!

We had another birthday to celebrate yesterday. Little Frans! (also known as the Cookie Monster) It was really just another excuse to eat cake and given she’s Italian there has been lots of cake the last couple of days!

Darrell spent yesterday doing his Emergency First Response Course with Howard. Steve comes to the centre to help out where he can on the weekends I don't think playing dead for a day was really what he had in mind . . .

Fran had a relaxing day yesterday in the sun teaching a Discover Scuba Diver course.

While Stanislas came in to complete his Open Water Diver theory. He has a bad back at the moment but is hoping to get back in the water again on Tuesday to continue his course.

On that note, Olaf completed his Open Water course yesterday and went on to start his advanced. He spent a lot of time in the confined overcoming anxieties about the mask skills during the course. We don’t have a photo of him at the moment because he’s determined to get a haircut first. Given it kept getting caught in his mask during the skills training I think he has a valid point!

Les and Mark are in for a treat today . . . Now they have completed their Deep, Wreck and Nitrox Specialities they are being treated to dives on the Imperial Eagle and the Beaufighter from the boat. Obviously it makes sense after doing these specialities to go for two deep wreck dives on Nitrox! Fran’s been bouncing around all morning, she’s so excited to be the one taking them. They are actually feeling a bit rough this morning . . . No they havn't been out drinking last night, all the deep diving and classroom sessions they've been doing are starting to make them feel sleepy! There's nothing like taking a nap in the Maltese sun between dives to sort that out!

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